Anti-slip floor plate 600x200, yellow



The floor plate is designed specifically to create an effective anti-slip surface in all commercial and industrial situations. Designed to comply with AS1428.1, this product received CSIRO “R13” rating which is the highest possible rating for slip resistance. Backing is 1.2m galvanised sheet, coating is two part high build epoxy resin with diamond hard silicon-carbide aggregate. Heavy duty and durable prefabricated sections ideal for any size stairs, steps and small to medium sized floors, platforms and walkways. Able to be easily installed to any flat, textured or perforated surface with minimal down time required. Able to sustain heavy pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Can be used in areas that are exposed to oils, solvents, water, chemicals and acids as the stair nosing is totally non-porous and will not absorb liquids. Can be custom made if required. 600 x 200 in yellow or other colours on request. Able to be mechanically fixed or adhered.

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