Expandable Barrier - Flexi Model



A Port-a-guard Expandable Barrier designed for uneven flooring surfaces

The newly designed Flexi Expanding Barrier in the Port-a-guard range has two sides that each expand out to 2.7 metres, which means you can close off a total area of 5.4 metres.

The expandable safety barrier still retains the unique function that allows it to pivot through a full 270 degrees. It still also boasts its ability to step up to 300mm for changing floor levels, such as steps or uneven ground.

The re-design of the construction, including the combination of high quality aluminium and moulded plastic components, have now ensured the usability, toughness and longevity of the safety barrier. They are finished in powder coated Red and White or Black and Yellow



Technical Specifications

Description: 2 x 2.7 metre portable expanding barrier.
Material: Extruded aluminium posts and slats.
Injection moulded ABS plastic fittings.
Finish: Powder coated aluminium and black ABS.
Height: 990mm without castors (open).
1090mm with optional locking castors (open).
Width: 2 x 2.7 (5.4) metres expanded.
300mm closed.
Weight: 9.2 kilograms (boxed).

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