Expandable Barrier - Maxi Model - 6.7m or 7.8m



A heavy duty expandable barrier for industrial applications - 6.7m or 7.8m - Height Range - 1430mm or 1800mm from ground to top of slats when expanded.

The Maxi features increased height and reduced gaps between the floor and the bottom of the barrier. Also, with a smaller opening size between the slats this new design is more secure and safe than other heavy duty expandable safety barriers.

The heavy duty safety barrier is designed with aluminium slats, galvanized slide components and stainless steel fixings that are all non-corrosive and perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Supplied with four heavy duty, locking swivel castors and central fixed dolly wheels this portable safety barrier is easy to move from one location to another. A receiver bracket can be purchased separately, which allows you to fix your barrier in a permanent location and expand to deny access to the area as required.

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